Other Companies Charge Up to $400 Just To Add Sealant to Your Glass
& refuse to inspect your shower unless something is broken.
You Shouldn't Have to Pay Hundreds of Dollars Just So Your Shower Glass Can Get Wet
                         & you shouldn't have to wait until something breaks to get it checked out!
Noble Shower Doors Cares!             

That's Greedy & Inconsiderate!

Noble Shower Doors Warranty Details

Noble Shower Doors provides shower enclosure warranty details in writing at the installation appointment.
Warranty Details:
  • A 2-Year Limited Parts Warranty is included with all new Shower Enclosures purchased & installed by Noble Shower Doors. Warranty includes the repair of any damaged or malfunctioning products resulting from manufacturer defects or incorrect installation for a duration of two (2) calendar years beginning the date of installation. Products sold and installed by Noble Shower Doors, our sub-contractors, and affiliated partners and businesses are covered. If the part can't be repaired to a satisfactory and working condition, it will be replaced. All replacement parts are covered by Noble Shower Doors for the remainder of the original warranty or for a period of one year following replacement, whichever is longer. Manufacturer warranty may cover parts beyond this warranty period. Conditions and limitations apply, see details below.
  • A 2-Year Limited Installation Warranty is also included with all new shower enclosures purchased & installed by Noble Shower Doors. Warranty includes all services required to restore the shower enclosure to its original functioning position for a duration of 2 calendar years beginning the date of installation. Only issues caused by defective parts, incorrect installation, or other Noble technician errors are covered. Conditions and limitations apply, see details below.
  • All products purchased from Noble Shower Doors, but not installed by them, include a warranty for one year from the date of purchase which covers the replacement or repair of the product due to manufacturer defects only. Manufacturer warranty may cover products beyond this warranty period.
  • Services and repairs completed by Noble Shower Doors may include a warranty for up to one year from the date of service, depending on the type of service provided and the initial installation company. The length and extent of warranty will be disclosed before completing the services upon request.
Warranty Limitations & Conditions
  • If any issues occur within the warranty period, you must inform us as soon as possible. A technician or representative will assist you in resolving the issue or connect you with the correct person, department, or company responsible for handling your issue. It is important to contact us at the onset or upon discovering any potential issues. If any potential issues are disregarded or ignored, necessary repairs may be delayed, leading to much larger issues or damages. 
  • You are responsible for contacting us immediately; otherwise, you may be liable for any damages. Many concerns are easily resolved with a quick phone call or email.
  • All warranties will be voided if any damage is caused by any of the following:
    1. Improper usage,
    2. Negligence,
    3. Lack of maintenance,
    4. Incorrect maintenance methods or techniques,
    5. Use of non-approved chemicals,
    6. Failure to obtain necessary repairs in a timely manner,
    7. Natural disasters,
    8. Any reason other than those caused directly or consequently by employees of Noble Shower Doors or those hired by Noble Shower Doors to perform the covered services,  
    9. Anything which can be considered outside our parameters of "normal usage and maintenance."
If any of these directly or indirectly causes current or future damages to the shower, shower enclosure, or surrounding areas, or harm to any person or pet, Noble Shower Doors is not liable nor responsible for any restitution.
*Additional conditions may apply to certain situations which will be determined upon assessment and disclosed prior to providing services.
This warranty is at absolutely no expense to the client. If the warranty is voided for any reason other than willful destruction or misuse, Noble Shower Doors and/or our affiliated partners will make every effort to help the homeowner repair or replace any portion as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Discounted services are provided at our discretion after an assessment has been conducted to verify the cause and extent of the damage. Services for voided warranties are not guaranteed, required, nor binding. Warranty details provided in writing from Noble Shower Doors take precedence over any other warranty information, definitions, or statements. Additional terms may apply but unless they are in writing, they shall not rescind any portion of the preceding limited warranty as stated on this webpage, www.nobleshowerdoors.com/warranty, at the time services are provided. Any warranty questions may be submitted via email at info@nobleshowerdoors.com or calling our toll-free number: 844.427.4693. All warranty claims are to be submitted to warranty@nobleshowerdoors.com.

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A 2-Year Warranty on ALL Installed Glass Showers

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