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Noble Shower Doors offers these services to maintain, improve, or replace your current shower enclosure.


Annual Inspection

Recommended Annual Maintenance

$199.99+ (standard service, additional fees may apply)

This service is recommended annually for all shower enclosures to prevent damages, maintain parts & hardware, and ensure proper operation.

Annual Shower Inspection includes the following:

  • Check seals & repair or replace as necessary
  • Check silicone & repair as necessary
  • Check movable parts & lubricate as necessary
  • Check hardware & adjust as necessary (slight adjustments only)
  • Thoroughly clean glass and apply standard sealant (professional glass sealant also available)

This service is provided for free to our shower enclosure clients annually for two years. Click here for warranty details. Additional costs may apply for non-standard units or additional labor, including large enclosures, enclosures with extensive damage, and any other enclosures that require more labor than our standard service. Standard units and service are at our discretion. This service is an inspection and includes minimal repairs. Additional repairs are available at our standard labor rates. If repairs are necessary, we may complete them at the appointment if time permits and the client provides consent. Repairs that require additional parts will be rescheduled. A return trip fee of $75 - $125 will be charged for a second visit (depending on location). Parts will be provided at a 20% discount off our regular prices. The client may decline any additional labor or repairs but will still be responsible for paying for the completed services at the conclusion of the appointment. We offer Diamondize XP Professional Glass Sealant with a Lifetime Warranty instead of the standard sealant at an additional cost. If the glass has stains or spots, we can attempt to remove them with standard stain remover for an additional fee. If the glass can't be cleaned with standard methods, complete restoration services may be required to restore the glass to the best possible condition. See complete restoration services below for more information.


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Glass Restoration & Sealant

Can't see through the stains in your glass?

Starting @ $200* - Standard Single Door or Panel (*priced by quantity & size)

If your glass shower enclosure used to be clear but now it looks frosted, it's probably time to have it renovated and sealed!

Once you've gotten to this point, you only have a few choices:

1. Trash it & put up a shower curtain (terrible)
2. Trash it & put up a new Glass Shower Enclosure (not necessarily the best choice)
3. Have Noble Shower Doors Restore & Seal your current shower (winner)


Our Glass Restoration Service will remove all surface stains:

  • Limescale
  • Soap Scum
  • Surface Mineral Deposits
  • Minor Surface Scratches
  • Surface Hazing


No one wants to pay for a service that might not work.

Our restoration process removes all surface stains. We guarantee you'll see a difference! Therefore, if there is not a noticeable difference upon completion of the restoration process, we will only charge our basic $125 service fee and apply our standard preventive sealant free of charge. 
Our protective sealant prevents new stains from forming and makes it much easier to keep your glass clean. It also helps conceal any permanent stains or scratches and prevents them from getting worse. Unless your glass is covered with permanent stains, our restoration service is an excellent way to enhance your shower and could save you a lot of money. Most shower door companies charge up to $350 for the sealant alone! But, lucky for you, we're not most shower door companies! We want all our clients to Shower like Royalty!

Restoration & Sealant Services start at $200 for a standard single door or small panel. Additional panels are $100+ each. This service is priced per job based on panel quantity and unit size. Therefore, additional charges may apply for large panels or other reasons requiring additional labor or products. Our restoration service will remove all surface stains, spots, and scratches. Any damage to the glass that extends beyond the surface can not be removed with our restoration service. (*Deep scratches & etchings may be removed by other means but may require transporting the glass to a separate facility, additional charges apply.) This more extensive damage is usually caused by mineral-rich (hard) water, extended periods without proper maintenance, or from misuse or accidental damage. It is difficult to check if etchings or scratches are simply on the surface of the glass or if they've penetrated too deeply and are beyond repair. Many times it's impossible to know which damages will be removed and which are permanent until we've completed the restoration service.  The easiest way to check is to slide a fingernail across the damaged area - if your fingernail catches a groove, it's probably deeper than the surface of the glass. However, the majority of stains & spots on most shower enclosures are on the surface and will be removed with this service!


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Review & Renew Service

$349.99+ (standard unit/standard services)

This service is recommended every 2-3 years to enhance the aesthetics of your shower enclosure, prevent any potential leaks or other damage, adjust for proper & safe operation, and ensure you may enjoy it for many more years.

Our Review & Renew Service Includes:

  • Everything Included in our Annual Inspection to ensure proper functionality & safety of your shower enclosure
  • Complete removal and replacement of interior silicone
  • Repair or replace damaged exterior silicone, as necessary
  • Complete glass cleaning using our standard strength water stain remover (for more severe stains & spots, inquire about our glass restoration service)
  • Application of standard glass sealant to interior of glass (professional glass sealant available)
  • Assessment of shower for any additional repairs
  • Discounted price for removal and reinstallation of defective or damaged parts
  • Create a custom service package w/ additional services (inquire about options/pricing)

Includes labor and supplies to complete the services listed above for a standard-sized shower enclosure. Additional fees may apply for large shower enclosures, extensive damage, and any other non-standard conditions. Standard conditions are at our discretion. Replacement hardware and the removal of glass is not included but is available at an additional cost. Additional labor is at a 50% discounted rate and replacement hardware is available at 20% off our regular prices when added to this service package. Price includes one service appointment. If a second appointment is required to complete the services, an additional fee of $75 - $125 will be collected at the appointment (price based on location). Complete glass restoration may be required to remove water stains and other surface damages (priced separately). Diamondize XP Professional Glass Sealant with a lifetime warranty also available (priced separately).  Additional services may be added to create a custom service appointment (prices vary). Contact us today to discuss your options!

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Shower Enclosure Removal

Complete Removal, Clean-up & Storage or Disposal

Starting at $200 for 1-2 pieces of glass (price based on quantity of panels & complexity)

Complete Removal of Shower Enclosure Includes:

  • Separate Appointment for the complete removal of glass and hardware
  • Glass will be protected with corner guards and pads upon request
  • Safely re-pack any hardware to prevent damage, as necessary
  • Removal & Clean-up of original silicone (additional fees may apply)
  • Measurements & layout of the current enclosure will be taken to ensure the re-build will maintain the same specs allowing the reinstallation of any removed glass, as necessary
  • Disposal available for most glass enclosures (additional fees may apply)
  • Discounted re-installation rates available within 30 days of removal


Price includes one appointment to remove 1-2 standard-sized pieces of glass. $50.00+ will be added for each additional piece. Additional fees may also apply for excessive silicone clean-up, industrial adhesives, or any conditions requiring more extensive labor than our standard service. Standard conditions are at our discretion. Due to the adhesive qualities of silicone, a thin layer may remain after removal. Therefore, some silicone may not be removed during clean-up, especially on very porous tile. Fiberglass may have permanent stains under the enclosure which are not visible until it's completely removed. Only the surfaces where the shower enclosure has been removed will be cleaned. Noble Shower Doors is not liable for any damages caused prior to the removal or during the removal process. 


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