adj. no·bler, no·blest 
1. having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.)
2. of, relating to, or belonging to the highest social class: of, relating to, or belonging to the nobility
3. of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence
4. of an admirably high quality; notably superior; excellent

Noble isn't just our name, it's our promise!


Our Noble Promise

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High-Quality Products & Materials

We offer our clients products that we are proud to install in our own homes. All of our standard products and materials are purchased from well-established and highly respectable U.S. companies. Occasionally, we import new & unique products from countries outside the U.S., such as Italy & Germany. These companies must also meet our strict quality standards. Any product discovered failing to meet our standards will no longer be sold or used, and is immediately removed from our inventory, even if it means losing money. Noble means quality, literally. And we stand true to our name in all aspects of our business.



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Life is Good.

Noble Shower Doors tries to enjoy as much of our time as possible. And there's a good possibility that you do too. We pride ourselves on consistently providing all our clients with the best experiences possible. It starts when we first connect, through to the installation, your warranty, maintenance services, and continues on through all of your future glass projects. By remaining focused on our clients happiness and satisfaction, we get to enjoy working them. And when you love your job, it's not a job anymore. And, boy is life good.

Affordable Prices

At Noble Shower Doors, we enjoy providing the opportunity for our clients to afford the products, options & upgrades they want. So, we offer our clients the ability to have what they want by consistently offering competitive and affordable prices. We are able to provide our low prices for a few distinct reasons. 1. We thoroughly enjoy when our clients get what they want and when we get to install these unique projects. 2. We direct ship most of our products, therefore eliminating the high costs of a warehouse. 3. We provide a virtual showroom versus paying for several displays of showers we've all seen before. We also provide quality images of all types of glass products upon request. Our clients enjoy the large display of products we bring to each consultation allowing you to see and feel the quality of each product to help you make your decision. With most other companies, you only see what they want to show you, and you don't see the actual product you've paid for until it's being installed. Not at Noble. We are in business to help our clients get exactly what they want at a price they can afford.



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We know that it isn't easy to be earth-friendly in every facet of life. However, Noble Shower Doors is conscientious about maintaining as many "green" practices as possible. The very nature of our business, glass, is basically made by melting sand.

More importantly, we take many steps to ensure a minimal footprint in an industry known for creating pollution. Buying locally, when available; minimizing fuel consumption by driving more fuel-efficient vehicles and strategic route planning; recycling glass and cardboard; using recycled product and non-toxic, natural cleaners; and minimizing trash buy using refillable bottles and washable clothes instead of paper towels when possible are some of the ways we contribute to the cause. We also provide eco-friendly sealant for free on every piece of glass we sell, which greatly reduces the chemicals and other products used for maintenance. As new "green" opportunities arise in our field, we will continue being at the forefront of the green movement in the construction industry. We also always welcome new ideas to help keep our planet beautiful, and our bathrooms.

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Top-Notch Installations

Over 7000 shower enclosures installed during the past 10 years... and that's just counting installations by the owner. All subcontractors must have installed at least 1000 shower enclosures before they are allowed to install for our company. Noble is the only company that requires this qualification from our installation professionals and is particularly important to the owner. It is this experience that allowed him time to master his craft. And, installing shower enclosure is a craft. Just ask your neighbor who had an inexperienced worker attempt to install a 6-panel, multi-angle, frameless steam shower enclosure with 1/2" thick glass, no channel, glass-to-glass hinges and an operable transom. And then try to silicone it. Maybe you shouldn't ask, because your neighbor may prefer not to talk about it. The owner of Noble has done at least a handful of those specific units, and he loves it. He enjoys the more unique and difficult installations and being able to provide flawless installations so his clients want to show their neighbors. Every detail, from the measurement to the final bead of silicone, is important and must be perfected. It is this attention to detail and a level of craftsmanship unrivaled in our industry that sets Noble Shower Doors far apart from all others. All measurements are done strictly by the owner to ensure perfection. And all employees are trained by the owner and held to the same high quality standards. Noble means quality. And, every client receives the highest quality at every step, including top-notch installations from our experienced professionals.



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American Made

Just as you love our nation, so do we! And we especially love the area in which we work: MD/PA/VA/WV/DC. By purchasing the majority of our products locally, we're able to support our neighbors & help the local community. If buying local isn't an option, we still attempt to keep all our purchases and standard suppliers in the U.S. Imported products and hardware ordered per clients request are an exception. Even if it comes out of our own pockets, we stick with quality, American products!

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Worry-Free Guarantee

Most people might say that providing the highest quality materials at affordable prices and professionally installing them with a keen eye on every detail is enough to prove our commitment to consistent client satisfaction. But remember, we plan on exceeding your expectations! 

So, we also offer our worry-free guarantee. Everyone in the world has enough to worry about and Noble doesn't want to be put on that list. After many think-tanks, boring meetings, sleepless nights, and dance parties, we developed a mind-blowing concept to prevent our clients from having another reason to worry. This concept is too advanced for some to comprehend, but we will try our best in layman's terms.

We like to call it a ... "warranty +". Yes, that is the word "warranty," then a space, then a plus sign. Are you following? The warranty portion is included on every product we sell. Every new shower enclosure installation comes with a 2-Year Warranty. That's twice as long as other companies in the area. Mind blown yet? Well, that was just the beginning; we haven't even gotten to the plus sign yet. The plus sign is added because we provide annual service visits each of the 2 years just to verify that everything still looks and functions as it should, even if nothing is wrong. Okay, okay, calm down, we don't want you to worry about anything, but we also don't want you to get so excited that you hurt yourself! (Once you've picked yourself up and put your mind back together, you might want to check out our warranty page for complete info...)

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So, What makes Noble so much better?:
Noble Shower Doors is better because we know that as long as our clients are consistently satisfied and impressed with our professional service, master craftsmanship, and high-quality products, we have the opportunity to enjoy working with them during the current project and all residential and commercial interior glass projects in the future. Our commitment to our clients, as stated in Our Noble Promise, ensure this will happen and we'll continue to provide the area's highest rated client experiences!

Noble Shower Doors is an MHIC licensed Home Improvement company, owned by a licensed home improvement contractor with over 13 years of experience with glass installations. After speaking with many clients about their experience with other companies and contractors, we understand that the home improvement process can be very a very stressful situation. To help provide peace of mind and relieve some of that stress, we offer Our Noble Promise, committing ourselves to our clients' complete satisfaction, so they can actually enjoy our part of the home improvement process. 
Our clients also enjoy our help and encouragement to make each project unique by offering affordable upgrades, custom options, and other matching products that are normally over-priced and too expensive from other companies. Most other companies charge a considerable amount for clients to get anything other than their standard offerings. We know what it's like to make sacrifices when we can't afford exactly what we want, and we know it's not a fun experience. So, at Noble, we help our clients get what they want at a price they can afford.
We're also committed to providing the highest quality shower doors, mirrors, shelving, medicine cabinets, bathroom hardware, and other custom residential and commercial interior glass and hardware. Our superior installations are due to extensive experience and thousands of installations completed by our professionals, allowing each to master their unique crafts within our niche of the industry.
We know we have the best craftsmanship of any glass company, but we also know it's hard to trust a company without having worked with them before. This is especially true if you've been in any of the situations our clients have told us about. To earn your trust and prove to you why we're so confident in our installers and manufacturers, we offer a two-year warranty on all our new shower enclosure installations, which is written and clearly described in every sales contract. And, each 2-year warranty includes 2 annual service calls to make sure your shower enclosure still looks good and functions properly. 
Our commitment to our clients, as outlined in Our Noble Promise, is enough to provide satisfaction and an enjoyable experience. The fact that we think Life is Good, are American-Made, Environmentally-Friendly, and Cute (well, I don't know about that one) is just an added bonus! A really awesome bonus!
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